The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the quintessential horror movie of all time. Along with Night of the Living Dead and The Exorcist it helped to establish the modern era of horror. Gunnar Hansen's portrayal of Leatherface would serve as the prototype for many of the slashers of the 70s and early 80s. This movie is not for the weak though not as controversial as when it was first released in 1974.

Roger performs his classic, "Fool for a Blonde," sometimes known as "The Sidewalk Cafe Song," on the soundtrack.

Cowboy Cafe

Cowboy Cafe is a country-western musical with book by Phyllis MacBryde and thirteen songs by Roger or Roger and Phyllis, four songs by Leslie Ellis and one by Tom Griffith.

It is the hilarious story of a show-biz family in Success, Arkansas that has built a successful cafe/motel/club and now faces the prospect of losing it all just as the cafe is finally paid off.

Laced with down-home music and humor, It won the North Carolina Playrights Fellowship award and has enjoyed six productions.

Rancho Deluxe

Starring Jeff Bridges and Sam Waterston, two modern-day cattle rustlers cut up stolen cattle while talking about the tooth fairy. Macho ranch owners who at one time used to run beauty parlors. Romantic candlelight dinners that turn into wild sex orgies and last but not least $50,000 steer who tears up a motel room. You also get to see the 'world championship pong game'.

Roger plays on the Jimmy Buffett-penned soundtrack and sings one song, "She Left Me a Nail to Drive."

Dog Run

Eddie (Brian Marc) and Miles (Craig Duplessis) are teen runaways who meet and become friends in New Orleans. The hook up with a local drug dealer who sends them to New York City for a drug deal with the promise of easy money and a place to live. When the deal falls through they find themselves penniless on the lower east side.

Roger and his band perform a song written by Roger and Arna Bartlett, "Goin' Down to New Orleans."

Incoming Freshmen

This movie is a hoot. It was a double-bill with "Gas Pump Girls" and made the drive-in movie scene in the 70s. It is one of those T&A movies that titillates but doesn't get down and dirty. In recent years it has generated some interest playing on TV in Europe.

Roger and his band appear in the party scene and Roger supplied most of the songs for the soundtrack.

Richard Petty the Legend

Richard Petty – The Legend is a two-cassette documentary chronicling the last season and the entire career of NASCAR legend, Richard Petty. Part one takes you through his early involvement in racing through his father and his emergence as a force in his own right.

Part 2 takes you through the final season of his extraordinary career. Roger scored the documentary without the luxury of having footage to work with. The producer provided descriptions of the scenes and Roger cranked out the music.


The Nuke Brothers

The Nuke Brothers is a 40-minute short film, set in the wastelands of Earth thirty-five years after the nuclear apocalypse. In addition to the film, the principal characters of the "Nuke Brothers" will be expanding into various multi-media selections on the AFM site – expect lots of new features preceding and following the film's release.

Roger provides the soundtrack and the Buzzrats supply three songs for the film.

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