Here is a live version of "Bad Mood." I guess everyone has felt this way at one time or another. The band is populated with musicians that have played with everybody from Spyro Gyra (drummer Richie Morales), to Stevie Wonder (Saxophonist Denny Morouse) to Rupert Holmes (singer Chrissy Faith). Live from New York, it's... I think it was Friday night.


This is my digital short, Marty Kills His Sister. It was written by Brad Pike, stars Charles Edward Hall, Phyllis MacBryde and me in a horror/comedy that is a little off the beaten path, Stephen King meets O. Henry. Directed by Michael Turney, it was filmed in Manhattan. Michael also shot it, edited it and animated it. I did the soundtrack and the theme song at the end is on my new CD, Groovey Boy, which you can pick up on iTunes. If you like it, pass it on.


This is the brand new trailer for my musical, "Zinzi." It contains new footage, more songs and more of Jean Michelle Grier and Karla Mosley. There's also a bit of Natalie Carter and Venida Evans as Violet and Lavinia snooping through the mail. There was no "Extra" or "Access Hollywood" in those days, so reading other people's mail was the only alternative. Check it out!!!!


This is called "The Road." It's a documentary-style short film that takes you on the road with some typical musicians for a few gigs in the Midwest and Western regions.You get to go backstage and hang out in the Green Room with the band and the Headliners.

Check out the show girls, the casinos, the concert arenas, the band, the backup singers and the front men in their native habitat.

I'm pretty much the only musician who appears in all the bands, but who would've made this if I hadn't been there?

More of the gig from above but more of a funky jam tune called "Street Chic." The same band, but you get to see and hear them play and sing. I get out of the way and give them free rein.



More videos are in the pipeline so stay tuned for the next feature from Nightcrawler Pictures

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